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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Interest or Commitment - Difference between average and extraordinary

Do you love what you do? Yes
Is that your calling for life? Yes
Would you do it for free? NO !!!

People have reasons for doing what they do today. I have a reason to go to work daily - why! to place food on the table, to provide shelter for my family and provide security in life (at-least temporarily).

Difference between interest and commitment is that of response and action. When you are interested in something you treat it as a hobby - play with it for while and if there is no instant gratification, you abandon it look for something else. But when you are committed, you are not just looking for instant satisfaction but also look at a long term perspective and have a delayed gratification attitude.

The transition from interest to commitment should be quick and disciplined so it avoids the pain of guilt, desperation and frustration. Get out of the awkward phase of partial commitment at the earliest. That phase is like barbed fence - its better to be on either side of the fence than be on fence for long time.

Don't wait too long to get committed to being productive (not busy) - people who don't stand for something, are washed away for anything. If you see enough success around you or in you, build on it and work towards increasing your awareness and knowledge in the chosen field.

There is price to pay for every prize. There ain't no free lunch !!!