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Friday, June 25, 2010

Charity = Service + Donation = Solution for problems in life

When GOD has provided you with wealth, don't assume that by giving monetary charity your task is done - you also should never forget that you also have capability to serve. Service is necessary to complete the charity circle.

For people who are having difficult times in life, they should serve others more than they currently and all the problems are cleared when one starts to think more of others and less of themselves - selfless acts of service. One such service can be shoe service at your religious place of worship.

Napolean Hill:
In every adversity lies seed of equal or greater opportunity.

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Significance of each day and planet in Hinduism

9 important planets in Hinduism and their relevance with respect to family values are listed here.

Person who respects his fellow people (in and outside of the family) will always have blessings and there will not be a need or want in their lives - all things will be taken care of.

1. Surya - Father - Sunday
2. Moon - Mother - Monday
3. Mangal - Brother - Tuesday
4. Budh - Sister - Wednesday
5. Bhruhaspathi - Teacher - Thursday
6. Shukra - Wife - Friday
7. Shani - Elders - Saturday
8. Rahu - Living - Everyday
9. Kethu - Incapable - Every time

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