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Friday, January 1, 2010

Think and dream - atleast once in a while

Man is different from all other species because of his ability to think and dream. Last time I heard or read - animals don't think or dream about their future, goals or analyze what if situations of the past. Now that we know we have the ability does not mean we take it for granted. It takes effort to think or to dream or to analyze - it is free though!

When a person can dream, think the dream, analyze the dream and is willing to work the dream, does the dream become a reality. I have a strong belief that no two people dreams are alike - as no two people are too. And that in itself is pretty profound as everyone is put on this earth to achieve a goal for the greater good and play a large role in the magnificent drama. But all too often, people consider dreams as only manifestations of the current times. They are - but sometimes are also clues in unlocking the human potential in the future.

Do not believe it? Lets talk about you for a second, for I believe nobody else is as successful as you are in the given circumstances of life or situation you are in.
Do you know how to ride a bicycle?
Do you know how to drive a car?
Do you know how to fly an an aeroplane?

Answer these to yourself. Lets take bicycle example - how did you get the desire to ride one - you watched or heard someone actually perform this task - this planted a dream to be able to ride a bicycle for yourself. Did you stop there? ofcourse not - learnt it using your friend's or rental or cousin's bicycle. Did you learn it the first time you rode it - again ofcourse not there were set of specific mistakes that YOU had to personally do yourself, inspite of the training or helping hand available from others. You eventually did make it - now that you know how to ride a bicycle did you start putting in your character to it - Simple things like driving with one hand, pedaling only during upslope, braking or not braking by taking the 'cuts'.

Same was the principle of process involved when learning to drive the car for the first time - sure it had many more controls than that of the bicycle, but aren't you grown up as well, have experience of the road and known the traffic rules. Was learning to drive the car difficult - yes, but was it impossible - no. Now that you know how to drive the car, it is easier to add your character to the driving experience - driving with one hand on steering, the hand talking into the cell phone or saying hi to the other guy one finger at a time.

The process is the same, you dream of driving the car, but the car did not materialize before you just because you wanted it in your dream - you had to work for it, which included - enrolling in a car driving course, not just enrolling actually taking up the classes, getting the driver permit and in the end buying or leasing or renting a car. Dreams propelled you to think, act, react and finally achieve what you initially started off to attain.

If the process was this simple why do we stop to dream or achieve our dreams as we age - that is a topic of discussion for some other day, but for now fellas - dream, dream big, dreams 'texas' big - for its free and your birth right. Nobody has right to laugh at your dreams. People who laugh at others dreams don't have dreams of their own or have forgotten how to dream. But don't just dream too, back it up with thought, plan and action.

Dreams you have are unique, that is the reason you are unique, now what you do about your dreams decide if you are one in the herd or the shepherd. GOD does not give you the ability to dream until he is sure you have the ability to attain it.

Trust me GOD does not make junk and you are NOT junk.

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