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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

7 Laws of Highest Prosperity

1. I am proud of my work. My exhaustion at the end of the day is a mark of my contribution to my family and future. You would best to take pride in your work.

2. My legs are weary but my heart is light, for I know that today I have done my very best and can offer the very best.

3. Prayer: Thank you, GOD, for giving me strength to carry this hard won prize back to the village, for it brings more money that benefits all.

4. What is worse than poverty? What is worse than ridicule?
It was to dream - to listen to his heart while it communed with the Divine Spirit - and then do nothing. It was to listen to men who knew not - instead of listening to GOD and his own honorable heart.

5. What is the greatest sin?
To not justify the GOD given talents to us. To under-achieve when you have the capability to break all barriers.

6. Is experience good?
You will be perfect. Since you know nothing, you will learn everything the correct way from the beginning. Come, let's get you started.


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