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Monday, October 26, 2009

Don't push people

Has it ever happened to you that you have experienced or gotten hands on something remarkable - something that has positively affected and changed your life for good and now you want to share it with people around you... and end up forcing it down their throat.... why !!!

I realized the knowledge I gained after reading "Rich Dad Poor Dad" and tried to educate my friends on the same - only getting a deaf ear - WHY try...There is a popular saying in telugu "Chavitodi Mundu Shankam Mogina Upayogam Ledu", when translated to english "There is no use of blowing horn in front of the deaf".

There is one part of your brain that urges you to slap them and tell them the dark realities of life (Get out of the MATRIX - here the RAT RACE). Saving may be one way for wealth (eventually) but who has time till eternity to realize that?. Time is the only wealth that we have NOW that we can utilize and that is in our control.

In the end of conversation with my friend, though I was happy on sharing my new found knowledge, truth of the matter is I wasted my energy blowing the horn in front of a deaf person who could care less and continues on with his life - like nothing ever happened.

My suggestion to readers of this post is try - try to educate the willing people, but never push. Willing people are open minded, ambitious and lookers for additional ways on improving one's quality of life. I hope you are one of the FEW people who want to change their living and change the way of thinking.

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