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Monday, December 28, 2009

The maximum buying mood - HOW to create it.

I am currently reading the book by Cavett Robert - "Success with People" and some of the thoughts on the same are shared in this post.

There are three stages of information that will help in a successful sale or project - What, Why and How? For example:
WHAT: Water boils at 100 degrees C.
WHY: We are knowledgeable of the physics behind this phenomenon
HOW: Water boils when heat is applied to it

Each of the three are interdependent but the most important of the three is HOW. HOW provides the solution and precedes action. A better example of salesman:
WHAT: Salesman may know what a prospect's buying habits are
WHY: Salesman may even know why the prospect follows these buying habits.
HOW: But until salesman learns by creative selling how to cause the prospect to change his attitudes and buying habits - he is still an amateur.

Now that we know the importance of HOW - Lets learn the motivation behind it.
People buy things that make them feel important. People also buy and acquire things when they begin to feel important and optimistic - this is when he enters into the buying mood.

In essence, its seems reasonable that if I want to sell you something, my first step should be to create this buying mood within you - by making you feel important and optimistic. For example:
"Mr. Jackson, I sincerely feel that you deserve this. You owe it to yourself after all these years".
"Mrs. Singh, don't you feel that it's time that you start thinking of yourself a little bit. You have everyone else in your payroll. Now honestly, isn't it time that you give yourself a little consideration"

There has been considerable research in this topic and needles to say, I am not done thinking about this topic. We shall continue on the same lines the next time we meet.

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