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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


God sees things by the whole.  Man sees things by parts.  God sees happenings over the three periods of time.  Man sees events only in the present, isolated from the past and the future.  That is why man sees discord where God sees harmony.  Man sees lack of logic where God finds perfect logic.  Put yourself in the place of God.  Feel you are God.  Feel that the entire universe is your creation and operates by your will.  At once you will feel tremendous peace and strength surging within you.
You say others insult you without reason, injure you without cause.  Even if that is true, do not get agitated.  Face the situation calmly.  You will find that calmness can be a powerful weapon to overcome difficult situations.  Shut your eyes to insults.  Let others think what they like, say what they like.  This is a world of ignorant people.  You be wise.  Be humble before everybody.  Be humble in every situation.  This will be possible if you give up the idea of inferiority and superiority and learn to see God in everybody and everything “God wills it so.  So be it.”: Say that to yourself and keep quiet in the face of insults.  Be unruffled.  If you put up with insults, you will grow in humility and purity.  You will grow spiritually rich.

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