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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Do not develop ill-feeling inside your heart for the man who has insulted you or injured you.  This is worse than open anger.  This is mental cancer.  Do not nourish grievances.  Forget and Forgive.  This is not just an idealistic maxim.  This is the only way to retain your peace.  The habit of nurturing grievances is highly injurious to one’s own self.  You will lose sleep.  You will poison your blood.  You will develop blood pressure and neurasthenia.  After all, the injury or insult was done to you once.  Now it is past.  It is all over.  It is spilt milk.  Why do you want to perpetuate the misery of that injury or insult by constantly remembering it? Why do you want to feed the dying embers of hatred and ill-will? Is it not high foolishness?  The span of human life is so short that you cannot afford to waste time and life in such trifles.  Get over the bad habit.  The best way to do so is to keep yourself ever busy in any work which absorbs your interest.

You can gain peace of mind if you actively follow a calling or profession, or even hobby, which holds your interest.  You will then have a sense of fulfilment, of achievement. Remember the proverb: Man does not live by bread alone.  If you can afford it, and if you value peace of mind more than money, you would even do well to take to a calling or job which you like but which is monetarily less rewarding than one which you dislike all the time but monetarily more rewarding

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