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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


A prime cause for losing one’s peace of mind is dependence on others even for one’s basic needs.  Paradhinam Prana Sankatam.  Dependence is pain.  Independence is bliss. Become self-reliant.  As far as possible, of course.  If you earnestly try, you will discover that there are many areas left in which you can become self-reliant.  Learn to wash your clothes, serf your room, cook your food, type your letters.  You need not do them daily, but in an emergency, these small talents will come to your rescue.

Do not evade responsibilities.  Do not shirk.  You cannot gain peace of mind that way.  You will only gather more worries, because the thought that you are shirking your duties will corrode your mind and take away what little peace there is.  Rather, face your responsibilities to the best of your ability.  But – and this is important – do not add on to your responsibilities every day by taking additional loads on your own egoistic initiative.  In colloquial terms, this what is called purchasing trouble.  Do not purchase trouble.  Rather, cut down your external activities more and more consistent with your responsibilities.  Learn to spend more and more time in an inward life of prayer, introspection and meditation.  Perfect peace of mind arises when the mind itself dies down.  Mind means thoughts.  Thoughts mean restlessness.  The lesser the activity the fewer the thoughts.  The fewer the thoughts, the greater the peace of mind. Thoughtlessness is the highest state where perfect peace reigns.

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