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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


It is common knowledge that good health and economic security are a “must” for peace of mind.  But having both, many are still in a state of perpetual mental restlessness.  Do you belong to this category?  If you say “Yes,” then read on.  The chances are that your trouble is mostly of your own making and therefore avoidable.  Let us see how.

Do you interfere too often in the affairs of others? May be they are wrong.  But why should you be disturbed on that account?  Do not criticise anybody or anything.  God has not delegated to you the authority to sit in judgment over others.  All men act the way they do because they are prompted that way by the God within them.  It is a good rule to mind your own business to keep your peace.
Mind your own business.  An excellent dictum to follow for the man who prizes peace of mind above everything else.  Nothing in this world requires your attention.  There is a God to look after everything in fact.  He looks after you as well.  Do not forget this fact.
Let me repeat: Mind your own business.  Do not criticise anybody or anything.  Criticism is tantamount to blasphemy.  Why? Because whatever happens happens by the Will of God.  Nothing can happen without the concurrence of God.  The fact that something has happened – no matter whether it is good or bad from your point of view – is in itself proof positive that it has God’s approval. And if you criticise the happening, you are questioning the Will of God, the Wisdom of God, and the justice of God.  Do not do that.  You will keep your peace.

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