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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Always be doing something positive, something worthwhile.  Do not waste time wondering, “Shall I do this? Or shall I do that?. “You will spend days, weeks, months – why, years – in that futile mental debating and end up doing nothing.  Don’t plan too much.  The planning is done by God.  Be doing something good all the time.  Allow no gap in your concrete activity.  You can never do enough to take time for rest.  Let there be no spare moments, no wasted moments in your life.  Even a few careless moments can pull you down in life.  Time is life. Value your time and spend it most profitably.

Even if you are resting physically, do not keep the mind vacant.  Occupy yourself in healthy reading or Japa or mental prayer.  All havoc starts in the mind.  Harsh words and evil deeds originate in the mind.  Keep the sources clean.  The river of your life will flow as crystal.

Doing things gives self-confidence. It does not matter if you fail the first time.  You can rectify your mistakes and succeed the next time.  Sitting back in the chair and worrying will lead to nothing.  It will only make you a total pessimist.

Some people get upset when they attempt to do something good and obstacles come in.  It is natural for obstacles to crop up in the way of any good work.  They come to test the mettle of the performer of the good work.  They come to test his sincerity, his patience, his faith.  You will experience that the stronger your resolve to do something worthwhile, the more powerful the opposing forces.  Do not feel frustrated.  Do not give up.  Do not yield.  Overcome the obstacles by faith in God and faith in yourself.  You cannot win laurels in any field without undergoing tests and tribulations.  It is unfair to expect a Degree while showing unwillingness to undergo a qualifying test.

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